Threading legality/morality

John J. Lee phrxy at
Tue Mar 27 19:54:57 CEST 2001

On 27 Mar 2001, Aahz Maruch wrote:

> In article <h0%v6.1842$NR.144463 at>,
> Syver Enstad <syver at> wrote:
> >
> >I have seen some strange behaviour in some multi threaded programs I have
> >made in python, where they seem to lockup, but a push on the the return key
> >(or another key, I don't know) keeps them going. These are console programs,
> >running under Win2000 server and professional, Python 2.0.
> There is a misfeature in urllib such that the standard FancyURLOpener
> class prompts for input if it gets an HTTP 401 (authorization needed).
> You probably pressed ENTER.

Perhaps you're right, but I've seen the same behaiviour on win95, without
multi-threading.  When you run command-line (do we mean the same thing by
console and command-line?) apps it freezes until a key gets pressed.  Not
using urllib either.

It is possible (likely, even) that I was using cygwin, so maybe that's
where the blame lies.  I'll see if I can reproduce it with the standard
DOS shell.

(using standard (BeOpen) Python 2.0 distribution)


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