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Holland King insanc at
Fri Mar 23 15:55:04 CET 2001

Cameron Laird <claird at> wrote:
: I don't understand your description.  In general,

ok, we run a server that holds a lot of accounts, once an account expires
then we run a script that parses the .forward file found in the home 
dir. the script then takes the addresses found and makes them into aliases
so that hopefully the user will not lose any mail. we need to make sure
that the aliases are real addresses so that at worst mail is not bounced 
and at best it doesn't go to a mailing list (i know i am being an optimist)

: comp.mail.misc might be a more productive place to
: ask these questions than c.l.p.

ok thank you i will try there to, the reason i asked here is that i tried
comp.linux.misc and they didn't help and i am writing it in python (i 
think my orignal post mention that i had found the smtp library and i 
was wondering if there was something similar that would work)

: Are you asking about verifying e-mail addresses *on
: hosts you control*?  That's entirely different!


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