Could Python supplant Java?

Arthur ajs at
Mon Aug 19 10:30:48 EDT 2002

David Brown writes -

> 7) Python is run by Guido van Rossum, its Benevolent Dictator for Life.
>Java is run by comittee for the benifit of a company.  There can be no
>that the BDFL is a more efficient way to run a large development project,
>and Python is improved and extended regularly without losing sight of its

FWIW, and without meaning *any* criticism of the structure of the Python
development project, or of Guido - I find this inappropriate verbiage
for a langauge comparison.

A) there *can* be at least some doubt, one hopes. by someone, sometime,
someplace.  Can't there?

B) it ain't a language feature in any case.

And FWIW, I feel compelled to comment of this kind of thing
as someone whose enthusiasm for Python is firm.

Does it feel more hand-crafted?  Yes -  to me.
Is that a good thing.  Yes -  to me.


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