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>No, really, your description sounds a lot like what I do regularly using
>ordinary commands on my Linux system at the shell prompt.  If I want to
>"set in motion" a script, I type it's name.  Controlling input source(s)
>and/or output destination(s) is a simple matter of pipelines, redirection,
>etc. which IMHO is about as easy to do as it could be.

>On Windows, my capabilities are limited (never liked Cygwin) so usually
>I write a Python script to do complex things.  Takes just a moment or
>two longer, unless I have to use a COM object (then I tear out some hair).

>If I have grasped correctly what the VIC is, I can't see what it's good
>for.  Who needs it?

As I have said before, people tend to preceive the VIC in terms of their
own mindset. It's really not unusual for this sort of thing to happen.

You asked a question but one possible answer is in the subject/topic line
of the thread. Or perhaps I'm mistaken and you have an autocoding
environment tool set???

I've tried to put such tools as you have mentioned together in an
integrated manner and for one reason or another there are limits to how
far this can be done.

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