wxPlotCanvas documentation?

thehaas at binary.net thehaas at binary.net
Mon Jun 10 19:10:35 EDT 2002

> 3. How do I find anything in the documentation?

> My inability to find my wxButt in the wxDark with both
> wxHands (with or without a wxFlashlight) is not
> limited to PlotCanvas, so I'm hoping that the problem
> is on my end.  The wxPython website, as far as I can
> tell, only has one documentation link, and it's a link
> to wxWindows, not the wxPython objects that wrapper
> it.  There's a sample code section, but every last one
> of the examples is marked "To Be Written When I Have
> More Time."

The wxPython documentation link really does goto the official wxWindows
docs, but it has notes where wxWindows and wxPython (and wxPerl, for that
matter) differ.  Not ideal, mind you, but it is there.

Did you try the wxWiki?  I've found it the best place to look first
(though it isn't complete)


Also, the wxPython users mailing list is a great place . . . Robin Dunn,
the man in charge of wxPython, is great about answering questions,
treating people with respect, and being honest about wx's short comings.

I love wxPython, but the initial learning curve is quite steep.  Once you
get past the very initial stage, though, it grows on you.

-- mikeh

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