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Sun Sep 29 21:43:56 EDT 2002

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> Just brainstorming on one possible way to do it; please advise if you
> what would such a script/application do?
> it would start up with my computer, simply insert itself in my start-up
> folder or whatever
> it would just wait and detect when i go online
> then it when i do get online it would detect what my IP is
> and when if i'm disconnected then it will detect that too
> and when if i'm reconnected it would detect that too and detect my IP
> or it can just simply do this at regular intervals

Duh! an IM/jabber client would do this already.

> then it would use jabber/xml-rp or whatever to make a presence for
> me/my-webapplication on IM networks
> using a username or account name that i can give to others
> so that this way the webapplication will have "presence"
> so others will know when the webapplication is online
> and then if they IM it it'll reply with my IP so it appears in the IM as a
> hyperlink that they can click to launch their default browser to a url
> consisting of http://myIP
> and then perhaps if they wish to be automatically notified of the
> webapplication's presence they can insert their username on a form on the
> webapplication when they get their which will add it to its buddylist
> or even within the first IM they get from it there can be a link that if
> they wish to click on will detect and add their username automatically (as
> an option)
> or they reply with a message such as "add me" which will do that
> and either way they can be added, if they wish, to the webapplications
> buddylist so next time it goes online it can send them an IM automatically
> of course it should enable them to remove themselves from the buddylist
> later on if they wish
> sounds very much like a jabber bot
> perhaps i can get an open source one and extend or customize it

sounds much like a Jabber bot [and therefore mutli-IM-network (AIM, MSN,
Yahoo, ICQ)] that would detect what my (dynamic) IP is whenever i go online,
and then send it to others in it's buddylist if they wish so or reply to
them with it if they ask it, of course they can add it to their username,
and allow others to add/remove themselves to/from its buddylist, and have it
send them an IM automatically with the IP

> got any better ideas or there's something wrong in what i have written?
> please tell me, i have read about jabber yet.
> "mike henley" <rsrchstr at> wrote in message
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> > i guess i'll rephrase; what i wish for is an "application-to-person"
> > IM-based "presence", so that a web-application that i host on a personal
> > webserver, on my own machine, can let others become aware of its
> "presence"
> > easily and be easy to connect to with a simple
> > click-to-launch-browser-and-go-to-my-ip. This should be easy to do. I
> > don't have experience with Jabber or xml-rpc, or other potential useful
> > technologies.

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