Iraq's offer to readmit arms inspectors

Boris borcis at
Thu Sep 19 11:31:23 EDT 2002

Malev : [after accusing me of an opaque vice on the basis of an
              incompetent interpretation of the headers of his copy
             of my post]
> >by this channel. This really has nothing to do with me.  You should
> >abstain from reading technical small print if it's beyond your ability
> >to interpret it adequately.
> Pompous patronizing fool.

I prefer that to being the unrepenting "innocent" liar that you are, further
compounding his crime by hiding wholly unjustified conclusions under
language; just like the American president, if I may say so.

I'd also like to warn you that citing my prose by cutting it the way you do,
is inviting supernatural catastrophes on yourself and your environment :)

OTOH, I can also withdraw the last sentence of the part that you find
provided you'll display enough standards to give a similar attention to a
message of my own choosing :

python >>> filter(lambda W : W not in "ILLITERATE","BULLSHIT")

What do you think it means ?


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