ANN: comments on Python Windows EXE Factory

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at
Wed Sep 25 13:39:51 EDT 2002

I have put up a page at which allows
building Python CGI interface programs over the web.  Drop your Python code
into a 50,000 character capacity text and press a "submit" type button.
Your Windows EXE is built and can be downloaded.

The default EXE comes prebuilt with 24 of the most common lib modules
required.  It also comes with python22.dll built in so that the EXE runs on
any Win 98 or later system and does not require that Python be installed.
Up to 3 additional lib modules can be installed.  The size of the sample
download is 432 Kb.

This web page is a fully functional demo for a possible commercial product.
The commercial product would run entirely on your local machine (no
submitting your code to my web page) and is likely to have greater capacity.

I have tested this and know about the following limitations.  I would
appreciate help in fleshing out any more:

  1) Will not run on Win 95 which has never had IE 4.0 or greater installed
(shell problem).  That is why I only claim Win 98.

  2) Running program times out in Opera if run in MIDI mode (one or more
simultaneous documents partially fills client area).  It works fine if the
browser window is first maximized within the client area (not same as
maximizing Opera to fill entire screen and which is not required).

Have I picked the right libraries to include?  What else would you recommend
to build on this approach?

Thanks to the great Python community.


Dennis Reinhardt

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