Scientific Python for Win32

Marijan Tadin tadin at
Thu Sep 26 04:04:34 EDT 2002

1. I am far away from expert but I've tried out netCDF module from
Scientific Python , you can download necessery dll-s from  . Unfortunately, I am afraid that the
modules from Scientific Python that you need are not there, but you schould

2. actualy you need *.dll and not *.exe files if you want to use compiled
binaries in Python on windows. (or maybe I just didn't understand your
message wright).

3. you can find more about extending Python on, (check
swig manual). I think it is more understadable for easy start then
information on, unfortunately only info about use of VC++ and not
Borland for Windows (even that info was difficult to find on net).

4. I feel that extending python is not so easy (if you are not experienced
C-programmer, like I am not), the main problem is not Python but knowlege of
C and details of particular compiler even more. If you know how to use dll-s
from Python (try some simple example from swig manual), then try to find
dll-s you need on Internet.

"bourassa" <bourassa-m at> wrote in message
news:3D92082C.3050707 at
> Hi there.  I'm a Python and programming newbie.  I was looking for at
> Scientific Python esp. for its use of VRML for plotting output.  Unlike
> many of the other Python modules I have, there are no .exe binaries.
> So, I have Borland C++Builder 5 on a Win2K P4.  How would I compile(?)
> my own Scientific Python?  Would it work with my Python 2.2 which I just
> installed from a .exe file?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
> Mike
> PS - I spoke with the creator of Scientific Python.  He was very helpful
> but admits to not having expertise in this aspect, hence my question.

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