Off topic: What usenet news reader to use?

JanC usenet_spam at janc.invalid
Thu Apr 24 01:01:06 CEST 2003

Stan Baptista <sbaptista at> schreef:

> I also want to switch over to a newsgroup for the same
> reason so I downloaded xnews and tried to access
> these:
> comp.lang.python
> and
> comp.lang.python.announce
> I get error: "10110 unknown error while looking up
> comp.lang.python[.announce]"

Sounds like a Winsock error during DNS lookup?
Did you enter your newsserver's hostname (often or 
something like that) correctly?


"Be strict when sending and tolerant when receiving."
RFC 1958 - Architectural Principles of the Internet - section 3.9

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