[python-uk] Re: UK Python Conference 2004- pre-announcement

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Feb 4 15:59:20 EST 2004

> > In a nutshell: there was not a call for papers, the ACCU 
> > prefer to "design" a programme and had very strong views
> > on the kind of event they wanted to "bring Python back
> > into the fold".
> Here was me not being aware that Python was ever IN the fold... what a
> strange thing to say.

It's my wording attempting to sum up a general feeling
shared by the ACCU conference-organizing list.  I think
I worded it a bit better in the announcement. The good news 
is that all these people regard Python as a full equal to Java 
and C++ with its own niche, found our crowd very interesting,
and even tried very hard to get Guido back as lead speaker.
(Sadly he did not dare commit to 4 events this year.)

- Andy

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