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Fangohr H. H.FANGOHR at soton.ac.uk
Wed Jul 16 09:47:20 CEST 2014

We had a 4 hands-on training course in Python, delivered for 12 (or so) PhD students at Southampton University from Jacek Generowicz who was great. He has some of his materials/offerings on http://jacek.web.cern.ch/jacek/courses

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On 14 Jul 2014, at 23:25, Nicholas H.Tollervey <ntoll at ntoll.org> wrote:

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> My first experience with Python was a course run by some bearded bloke
> called "PINNER" (or something like that) at PyconUK. He was great. I'd
> hire him if you can track him down. ;-)
> (The reason John was so great was because he was quite willing to
> throw the "materials" out the window and answer dumb-ass questions
> from numpty's like me.)
> I'd also send as many people to PyconUK too - you can book here:
> http://pyconuk.org/ :-)
> It's a serious point about PyconUK - being around Pythonistas is a
> great way to learn in an informal and relaxed situation, find out
> where to get help and who to ask online as well as get the skinny on
> tools, libraries and other stuff that experienced developers use. It's
> also a learner directed educational situation which, in my experience
> as a teacher, is preferable to a brain-dump chalk-and-talk type affair
> where you start at exercise one and just keep going until the end.
> To be honest, having experienced several taught courses for several
> different languages with trainers of vastly different levels of
> educational awareness and aptitude I have my doubts about the efficacy
> of such things for getting developers up to speed. Although I realise
> "send him where Pythonistas congregate" is probably not management
> friendly advice your guy sounds like he'd flourish if prodded in the
> right direction rather than sat in a classroom and given exercises and
> whatnot to do.
> Hope this helps,
> N.
> On 14/07/14 20:19, Tony Ibbs wrote:
>> A colleague at work has asked me if I know of any good Python 
>> training courses.
>> He's got some C++ and Python experience (he knows about classes
>> and inheritance, seems to be competent with dictionaries, I'd say
>> he's beyond beginner in Python, although I'm not sure if he'd
>> agree), and has potential approval from his boss to go on a
>> training course if he can find one.
>> We're based in Cambridge, so London is also a sensible option.
>> We had a quick look at the python.org wiki page on training (it
>> has Russell Winder and Michael Foord listed - I thought Michael was
>> doing something else now?). Enthought clearly have a local office,
>> but their offerings are all scientific Python oriented, which
>> isn't really appropriate. I don't know anything about any of the
>> other companies listed there as offering training.
>> I *think* an existing course would be more useful than something
>> done in-house specifically for us, since I don't know if there'd be
>> more than one person interested (mind, I haven't asked yet).
>> So, any suggestions/recommendations would be gratefully received,
>> on or off list.
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