[PythonCE] TypeError on execution

Voidspace mike at pcblokes.com
Mon Dec 1 05:34:09 EST 2003

Pritchard Musonda wrote:

>I'm new to Python, I've spent a couple of days exploring the feature set and 
>very impressed. That it ran on PPC was just brilliant. I stepped in and 
>installed 2.2 and had it running in no time. I had to dig around quite a bit 
>to get the file associations to work so clicking on a .py file behaved as 
If you use a program like pockettweak or even Resco file explorer then 
setting file associations is very easy.

>Unfotunately, I haven't gotten even the infamous "Hola Mundo" to work right 
>when the file is clicked. It luanches the interpreter fine and then spits out 
>a trace. I've dug around the archives on here and tried some of the suggested 
>fixes to no end. I've reinstalled a couple of times, but same results.
>Heres a typical trace:
>Traceback (most recent calls last)
> File "\Program Files\Python\lib\pcceshell.py" line 545, in File 
>"\Temp\first.py", line 1 in ?
>Traceback (most recent calls last)
> File "\Program Files\Python\lib\pcceshell.py" line 406 in OnParentUser
>TpeError: argument 1 must be string without null bytes, not str

Sounds like your file association isn't working (the arguments being 
passed to pcceshell are incorrect - that argument would normally be the 
filename you are trying to run).
The standard distribution worked fine for me *without* file associations 
set *and* with file associations set.

>I could of course haxor pcceshell and find out what the hell is going on 
>eventually, but I need a quick anwer. I'm running 2.3 in ppc2002 on an Ipaq 
>5455 and have the registry keys correct.
>I also downloaded the "modularized" pcceshell, but didn't find info on how to 
>encorporate it in 2.3. Any pointers in that would be appreciated.
You ought to just delete and replace the original.

Sorry if these questions had already been answered - but I couldn't see 
one and thought I'd reply before deleting the mail :-)




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