[PythonCE] Version 2.3 For HPC 2000

Voidspace mike at pcblokes.com
Mon Dec 1 10:19:44 EST 2003

Stephen Brown wrote:

> I have a Jornada 720 with the ARM processor.  When I try to run the 
> 2.3 version, it asks for components that are not part of the HPC2000 
> build.

It's a special build for the HPC2000 then ?
The trouble with replying to messages from the pythonce group is that 
they go to the sender - but not the group.
I'm by no means an expert - and although you're welcome to my help you'd 
be better off posting these messages to the group.

> If I place the POcket PC file called aygshell.dll in the python 
> directory (one of several tricks to get a Pocket PC program to run on 
> a HPC) the program launches a console woth the error "import site' 
> failed use -v for traceback.  

I get that same error message in my *working* version :-)
Never worked out what it is.

> Then a Python error dialog box appears with the message " Traceback 
> (innermost last): exceptions indentation error (expected an iindented 
> block', \\\Storage Card\\Programs\\Python\\pcceshell.py' 98, 3, 
> 'try,:\n'))

Hmm.... interesting error..... I never got my version working from the 
storage card.... when you've got yours working let me know what changes 
you had to make :-D

> Then of course it freezes with the hour glass still running.  I think 
> the error relates the the pcceshell.py not handling spaces as reported 
> earlier.  I shall try the fix posted.  I am using the pcceshell.py 
> from the 2.2+ HPC build.  I have also loaded the files which are 
> included in the 2.3 pcceshell.zip but there isn't any specific file 
> with the name pcceshell.py. 

Ha - I've never looked at it specifically - I've not tried running the 
improved version yet. I know theres a file called pcceshell.py in the 
full 2.3 distribution.

> The dialog box that appears is the size of a Pocket PC dialog box.
> Would I do bettter to re-install 2.2+ for HPC200 and simply copy over 
> the 2.3 files along with the appropriate registry changes and fix for 
> pcceshell.py?

Don't know :-)

Sorry - sounds like a good way to start, except you'll leave any 
redundant files as well.


> Regards,
> Voidspace wrote:
>> AFAIK -  the HPC2000 is available both with a MIPS processor and an 
>> ARM processor.
>> One with an ARM processor will probably run the standard ARM 
>> distribution fine (?) - have you tried it ?
>> Alternatively, someone on this list recently said they would look at 
>> porting 2.3 to run on a MIPS machine... but I doubt it's ready yet... 
>> check the archives.
>> Fuzzyman
>> Stephen Brown wrote:
>>> Has anyone compiled version 2.3 for the HPC 2000?  IF so, would you 
>>> mind either posting it somewhere or emailing it to me?
>>> Regards,
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