[PythonCE] graphical libs for pocket pc

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Wed Sep 8 12:02:38 CEST 2004

Voidspace <mike at pcblokes.com> writes:

> There is a PythonCE port of Tkinter (the python library). This allows
> python to use the PocketPC version of Tk/Tcl... which is incomplete so
> far (no menus on the last version I used but lots of other bits
> working fine). All Tkinter is, is an interface layer between python
> and the Tk stuff. To know which bits of Tk work on the PocketPC
> version you'll need to find the Pocket Tk/Tcl project (on sourceforge
> I think) and see how far they've got.
> As for other alternatives...... wxWidgets had people working on a
> pocketPC port - I don't know how far that's got. Even if a decent
> amount  of that is completed... I don't know how complicated the
> python wrapper library (wxPython) is - there would probably be quite a
> lot of work in getting it working, but it would be well worthwhile.
> AFAIK the other alternative is creating wrappers to the microsoft
> GUI... it means compiling a python extension that communicates with
> the necessary libraries.
> There has been intersting talk in this group recently on compiling for
> the PocketPC.... something  I'd like to learn - but don't yet know
> anything about !!!

Another alternative would be to port ctypes (then you can call windows
api functions directly from Python) to the pocket PC - I cannot do it
myself, but I would be willing to support anyone who tries this.


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