[PythonCE] Winhandle problem with tkinter

Andrew Booth a.g.booth at leeds.ac.uk
Fri Oct 21 09:56:58 CEST 2005

The error message is produced by the function wince_putwinhandles() in
tkWinCe.c which is called once by WinCERecreateChild() in tkWinWm.c. 

The corresponding wince_getWindowhandle() is present in tkWinCE.c and is
declared, BUT NEVER CALLED, in tkWinWm.c, so looks like I'm being stuffed by
a piece of legacy code that is no longer used.

Can anyone recommend a good, free cross-compiler so I can fix this? Or could
some kind soul please let me have a version of tk84.dll with the call to
wince_putwinhandles() commented out?

Andrew Booth

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