[Pythonmac-SIG] Package Manager idea, adding a URL scheme

Just van Rossum just at letterror.com
Fri Oct 3 16:32:36 EDT 2003

Bob Ippolito wrote:

[PEP 262]
> Excellent!  I just scanned it. 

Same here, I didn't know it existed.

> It covers all of our receipt needs and 
> would alleviate us from doing unsafe version checking.  Unfortunately 
> the patch to distutils was never finished and it seems that it's been 
> idle for a year.
> Coincidentally, the author of pycrypto wrote that PEP :)

He's also a (the?) driving force behind PyPI. Anyway, it turns out he
has withdrawn that PEP:


I don't agree with his arguments for withdrawing it _at_ _all_. I think
it's _exactly_ what Python needs: we need a solution that works across
Python installations across platforms. Maybe we should just grab that
PEP and reanimate it.


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