[Pythonmac-SIG] Package Manager idea, adding a URL scheme

Schollnick, Benjamin Benjamin.Schollnick at usa.xerox.com
Wed Oct 8 14:04:03 EDT 2003

> I'm not so much worried about the database part, but I do worry about
> whether there is a cross platform notion of what a library 
> _is_. On OSX
> we have the luxury of having frameworks that can contain lots 
> of stuff.
> But should packman be able to install (for example) Tcl/Tk on other
> unixy platforms? On Windows? I'm feeling rather pessimistic 
> about that,
> so I tend to think that installing external libraries is beyond the
> scope of PackMan.

I'm in the process of slowing catching up....  

So apologies in advance, if someone has already suggested this.

But I think that the point above, is being addressed wrongly...

Yes, we want Packman to eventually be cross platform....  But, we are
interested in the macintosh version.  We're "experts" in the macintosh

Abstract the darn thing.

Make the abstraction model, OOP, and let the Unix Gurus inherit and replace
the MACOSX specific code, and replace it with Unix Specific code.

Sure, we should talk with the Unix coders, and the Windows coders, and
ensure that there is a proper level of abstraction....  But, that's what the
PEP is for...

I realize I haven't caught up with the PEP discussion a couple days later,
and hopefully someone has made this suggestion...  But...

		- Benjamin

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