[Pythonmac-SIG] PackMan issues

Tom Loredo loredo at astro.cornell.edu
Thu Oct 30 17:42:33 EST 2003

Hi folks-

I love the package manager, but would like to raise the following
issues (possible bug; feature requests):

When I try to use PM at Bob I's pimp site, the list of packages is
larger than the window.  I can scroll down to see the bottom part of
the list, but as soon as I release the scrollbar it immediately scrolls
back up to the top of the list.  Thus many of his packages are
inaccessible.  This is using MacPy2.3 on OS 10.2.6 on a G4 Quicksilver
and on a G3 Powerbook.

My G4 is at home with a dialup connection; my G3 I can bring to
work with T3 access.  Having one machine with a slow net connection
is behind the following requests.

First, I'd love to see package size information in the PM window.
This way I can tell if it's realistic to download a package to
my G4 over my dialup connection.

Second, I'd love to see useful progress info on the download and
installation.  If I check "verbose," PM tries to produce this,
but unfortuately the resulting text window update is too slow and
I'll typically not see *any* of the progress lines until the
download is complete, at which point the window happily shows
me every status line from the start to 100%.

Finally, I'd love for there to be a way to save a package locally
in a way allowing it to be moved to another machine and installed
via PM there.  Perhaps I can just sync the site-packages
directories on both machines, but I don't know if some of the
packages have other side effects.  Is this feasible?  Ideally
I'd like to grab the packages on my G3 at work, and install them
on my G4 at home.  I suppose I could do it directly with distutils,
but it would be neat if PM could do this.

Tom Loredo

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