[Pythonmac-SIG] Newbies need IDEs (was Mac User Python Newbie)

Brendan Simons brendansimons at yahoo.ca
Mon Feb 14 06:34:25 CET 2005

> Maybe that's a benefit!  Since they have no IDEs (that I know of), a 
> souped up text editor is the obvious choice.  No room to get confused 
> or frustrated with the plethora of almost-there IDEs.
> -bob

I agree that that is probably the best approach to advocate until new 
tools are ready.   As soon as my skills are sufficiently developed, I 
would like to address this problem.

For inspiration, ActiveState's python distribution on windows comes 
with a very tidy little IDE called PythonWin, which is very clean and 
easy to use.    Also, the PythonCard people put their IDE together in a 
weekend, so I'm told, because all the necessary parts had already been 
ported to wxWidgets.  (I made an attempt to bundle this using py2app, 
but gave up before I could get it to launch).    I think Bob is on the 
right track getting the necessary components built first.  After that, 
a new-user-friendly IDE should be a simple matter of putting the parts 
together ;)

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