[Pythonmac-SIG] Using Matplotlib interactive/GUI - How to?

Charles Moad cmoad at indiana.edu
Sun Mar 6 16:10:38 CET 2005

> 2)  I need to set  the Interactive  flag  in  .matplotlibrc  to  true to 
> do interactive plotting.  But I can't find .matplotlibrc in my home 
> directory (yes, it should be a hidden file and I looked through the 
> hidden files).     Where is this one kept on the Mac?  A Finder Find 
> show nothing, but I know that doesn't search everywhere.

I don't think this file is ever explicitly made for you.  You can 
download a sample from his website, 
http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/.matplotlibrc.  Download this and put 
it in your home dir.

For some strange reason I had to comment out all the lines that specify 
a color because they would cause errors.  I changed TKAgg to WXAgg after 
I installed wxPython for 10.3, and I changed Numeric to numarray, since 
numarray doesn't have the dependency that Numeric does, hence it is a 
little easier install.

Good Luck,

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