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Lee Cullens lee_cullens at mac.com
Thu Mar 31 00:27:03 CEST 2005

On Mar 30, 2005, at 4:42 PM, Russell E. Owen wrote:

> In article <70e164530f6f81abaa27f37fd8780c21 at mac.com>,
>  Lee Cullens <lee_cullens at mac.com> wrote:
>> Thanks François
>> Not sure I want to get into eclipse just now but I referenced it for
>> further study.
>> I seem to remember blowing by SubEthaEdit already, but I went back and
>> checked it out with Python IDE and it is indeed a must have basic text
>> editor.  I was running into some problems between IDLE and PythonIDE
>> and text editors with end-of-line conventions and I don't see that
>> here.
> Warning: SubEthaEdit does not enforce a line ending convention. That's
> probably OK for Python source code, but can be a headache in other
> contexts.
Well I only checked it out with a py script for PythonIDE where it left 
a usable script, but now I also checked it with IDLE and there is the 
line ending problem.  The same problem I was having between PythonIDE 
and IDLE with other text editors so I guess (relative to Python 
scripts) the real stumbling block is between PythonTDE and IDLE - i.e. 
don't use both.

I think I'll opt for using neither IDE and concentrate on SPE (as soon 
as it's checked out for the new wxPython).  Where I'll end up 
eventually ???, maybe just the terminal like Bob and keep things 
organized with Leo (I usually start planning with a pseudo code 
framework anyway).

Thanks for the heads-up on SubEthaEdit - I don't like hidden source 
problems :~)

> Example: set SubEthaEdit to enter \n when you type <return> (the unix
> line ending convention). Then paste in text from any standard Mac app
> and notice that the pasted text uses \r as a line ending.
> SubEthaEdit is the only text editor I've seen that has this bizarre
> behavior and I stopped using it because of that (it was causing
> mysterious failures when checking in svn comments, which is how I
> stumbled across the problem).
> I recommend TextWrangler as a "must-have" free editor, though I hate 
> the
> find/replace dialog box enough to not use it for coding. TextMate looks
> promising but is not yet polished. Pepper is superb but no longer
> supported. XCode takes forever to launch.

I'll revisit TextWrangler.  I had looked at XCode and (probably because 
of my Mac & Python inexperience) didn't see it as the sandbox I was 
looking for.  XCode does launch instantly on my Mac though - but then 
everything does except the Adobe apps than scan all the fonts at 

> -- Russell

Thanks again,

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