[scikit-learn] Spanish translation proposal for Scikit-Learn documentation

Nicolas Hug niourf at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 16:58:12 EST 2021

Hi María Ángela,
Thank you for your interest in contributing to scikit-learn!
Could you detail a bit more what kind of involvement you would need from
the scikit-learn maintainers / team? So far, we've been welcoming
third-party translations and they have a dedicated section on our website
where you'll also find how we relate to them:
Note in particular that we're not able to officially maintain any of these
translations: managing the English one and keeping it up to date is already
a **significant** workload, and we wouldn't have the resources (or language
knowledge) to support other versions. We'd be more than happy to add your
Spanish translation to the list though!


On Tue, 9 Feb 2021 at 20:16, Mariangela Petrizzo <petrizzo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Scikit-Learn team!
> I am Mariángela Petrizzo, I am writing to you as a member of Qu4nt, a team
> dedicated to the use of open source tools for the development of software
> solutions with emphasis on data science. We have a strong interest in
> translating the Scikit-Learn documentation into Spanish.
> Our team is made up of members from various scientific fields, including
> some university faculty in linguistics and computer sciences, with a wide
> experience in Python as well as several libraries used for data analysis
> and machine learning, and also contribute  locally as evangelists of its
> use in Spanish-speaking communities, in particular, the leader initiated
> the translation of some Software Carpentry lessons into Spanish.
> That is why we have been discussing the opportunity to offer our
> contribution to the Python project, promoting the translation into Spanish
> of the documentation of some of the libraries with the greatest impact in
> our areas of interest. Talking with David Mertz, to whom we are sending a
> copy of this email, we have explored options, and the idea of working with
> Scikit-learn has really seemed to be an exceptional opportunity for all of
> us and the community. He's very enthusiastic about the idea of generating a
> spanish translation of Scientific Python libraries like Scikit-learn.
> For us, this translation project has to be done through a completely open
> work on Github, taking as reference the restructured text sources for
> Sphinx from a git fork, using the tools provided by Sphinx itself for
> internationalization: https://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/1.8/intl.html, and
> applying tags to perform planned updates. In addition, as with any open
> source project, the main mechanism for quality assurance comes from the
> users themselves who will have the channels available for submitting
> issues. Our intention is to secure all the infrastructure and mechanisms to
> make this possible: making the process transparent through Github, using as
> much as possible tools like Transifex to facilitate participation, and
> providing guidelines for contributors as part of the project.
> Of course, this project cannot be realized without your support. We
> therefore come to you to inquire about your willingness to accompany and
> support this project.
> We would love to hear your feedback on our proposal.
> Best regards,
> Mariángela
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