[spambayes-dev] Names & 1.0a6 release

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Sep 9 15:34:55 EDT 2003

Is everyone happy with the scripts/sb_* names?  I had thought that everyone
was (well, with 'sb-'), but I might have misunderstood the messages.  Would
people rather that we dropped the 'sb_' prefix and installed into a
spambayes scripts directory?  Or didn't drop the prefix, but still installed
into the scripts directory?

[This is dependant on the above]

Are we ready to go through with the 1.0a6 release?

(Remembering that the aim was just to move/rename the scripts and to get rid
of the options backwards compat code; unfortunately (?) it also fixes some
bugs, particularly a nasty one with the messageinfo db that pop3proxy and
imapfilter use).

If no-one objects, I'll package this together on Thursday (NZ time).

=Tony Meyer

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