[spambayes-dev] internationalisation

Paul Philipon-Dollet ppdollet at free.fr
Wed Apr 20 10:46:22 CEST 2005

Hi everybody,
I'm Paul. The question here is to know who does what. I'm not willing to
translate a piece that is already translated or underway. I'm currently
working on Readme Files and about files of the Outlook add-in. I'm planning
to start with troubleshooting help page sometimes next week.
Please let me know,

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[Nicolas PIGNIER]
> i'd like to translate the spambayes ui in french.
> where do i start ?

> If you need help for additionnal translating, I can help you.

[Nicolas Viry]
> I’ve already translated the ui into french. I’m translating the web 
> site as well but it’s a slow process as I’m going to have a new job in 
> the next days.

If the three (or two) of you wanted to collaborate on this, then I'm sure
that work would.  If you get 1.1a1, it has the translations that have been
done (well, submitted anyway) so far.  Remaining for French:

  * The Notifications tab of the Outlook dialog.

  * All the dynamic text (in the messages.pot file).

  * All the documentation.

  * The website.

Paul Philipon-Dollet was also interested: not sure if he managed to get any
of it done or not:



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