[Spambayes] Some pop3proxy suggestions from a new user

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com
Fri Apr 4 09:14:02 EST 2003

From: Meyer, Tony [mailto:T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz]
> > He's using pop3proxy with Outlook Express, and barring a few
> > minor issues while setting it up it's working fine for him.
> Were the issues anything that might apply to others? To get
> this moving towards beta we need to have docs for any little
> things that come up.

No, they were me messing up the packaging of the CVS version,
and a botched attempt (again by me) to fix a minor problem, which
Mark Hammond has since fixed properly.

> > 1. The fact that the column headers (discard, defer, spam,
> > ham) on the review page are clickable wasn't obvious to him.
> > Checking, I see that this is mentioned, but maybe the wording
> > could be clarified a bit. Maybe something like "To train
> > on all messages in a section at one go, you can click on
> > the Discard / Defer / Ham / Spam title at the top of the
> > column, which will select that action for all messages in the
> > section"?
> The wording is currently "Click one of the Discard / Defer /
> Ham / Spam headers to check all of the buttons in that section
> in one go". To me this is fairly clear, and somewhat more
> concise than your version. What exactly do you think needs
> clarifying?

Probably nothing. Leave it unless someone else raises the same
issue. When I pointed out the text and the links, my colleague
didn't have a problem. It's just that he needed me to point it
out - he'd missed it for himself (in spite of finding clicking
on each radio button in turn a real pain).

No, leave it. I can't think of a sensible way to improve it...

> > 2. It would be nice to be able to "Classify a message"
> > from the review page, as well as by uploading a message
> > file. Maybe clicking on the message subject, or an explicit
> > "Classify" clink on the message line, could be added.
> The subject is already a link to the message text itself, but
> it would be simple enough to add a classify link (or 'show
> clues', since the classification is already given).
> I've done this; CVS-up and see if it matches what you/he was
> after.

Thanks. I'll check it once I get out from behind this firwall :-)

> > 3. Having experimented with training, he wanted to clear
> > out the training info and start again. I said that this was
> > just a matter of deleting the hammie.db file and the cache
> > directories, and then restarting the proxy. (a) is this
> > right, and (b) is it worth a way of doing this in the UI? (I
> > suspect the answer to (b) is "no", as it's rare to need this,
> > and dangerous if you do it by accident...)
> The outlook plugin has an option to do a full-retrain, which
> is more-or-less the same as this, except that the pop3proxy
> doesn't keep messages to retrain on, of course.
> It would be simple enough to add this, except for your (b)
> above. Is this worth doing? I think I would weigh in on the
> 'no' side, but add something to the docs (the FAQ perhaps)
> about how to do it manually.

That sounds like the best option.

Thanks for looking at this.

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