[Spambayes] sb_imapfilter.py AssertionError: hamcount <= nham

Tony Lownds tony-bayes at lownds.com
Mon Dec 1 10:48:07 EST 2003

At 12:19 PM +1300 12/1/03, Tony Meyer wrote:
>  > When I classify through sb_imapfilter.py, I am getting an
>>  AssertionError. Any ideas? I am using spambayes from CVS; courier
>>  IMAP; python 2.2.2; and a fresh database. See below for commands.
>>       assert hamcount <= nham
>>  AssertionError
>How fresh?

Very... I remove the database files right before training.

>>[tony ~]$ rm hammie.db spambayes.messageinfo.db
>>[tony ~]$ /usr/bin/sb_imapfilter.py -t

>  This error says that you have a token in your database that has
>appeared in more ham than you have trained it on - which isn't possible.

Ah... while training it said 14 ham trained, while classifying it 
only said 10 ham.

>>    Training ham folder INBOX.Ham
>>**************       14 trained.
>>hammie.db is an existing database, with 44 spam and 10 ham

I didn't notice that before.

>If this happens regularly, it would be great to know the sequence of events
>that can reproduce it (in a sf bug tracker
><http://sf.net/projects/spambayes>), as we still don't really know what
>causes this error.

Sure, bug #852137, although without access to my IMAP server I don't 
see how it will be reproducable.

Has anyone used Courier IMAP? Maybe the way it returns message 
identifiers is causing problems.


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