[Spambayes] feature request

Seth Goodman nobody at spamcop.net
Mon Dec 8 15:46:53 EST 2003

[Kenny Pitt]
> I've thought about this myself, and hopefully I'll get a chance to
> include it as I'm making my auto-balancing updates.  I also would like
> to add a menu item to rescore the currently selected folder.  Would
> anyone else find this useful?  I often rescore my Spam folder to see if

I sure would find it useful, as I notice exactly the same thing:  on a small
training set, each new trained message changes the scores of other messages
in not obvious ways.  Some spam drops below the threshold, and some ham
(rarely) increases above the threshold, both suggesting that you should then
retrain on those messages.  The token databases are a statistical estimate
of what the message stream is.  When the database is small, one message can
skew the estimate significantly.

Though I would like to have the "filter current folder" button, I would
rather have Ryan Malayter's suggestion (below), since it automatically
filters all unread mail so you can look for changed classifications.

[Ryan Malayter]
> If that's the case, the plugin should automatically re-filter all unread
> messages in the inbox as well as all messages in the unsure folder upon
> each training event. That would insure that any spam that was completely
> missed gets caught as well.

On the matter of the "Recover from Spam" button in the unsure folder:

[Seth Goodman]
> > One more note on the unsure folder is that one of the buttons is
> > labeled "Recover from Spam".  Since none of the messages in the
> > unsure folder have been trained as spam, the "Recover from Spam"
> > button is a bit misleading. Though this is the same button that
> > appears in spam folders, thus making the code simpler, in the unsure
> > folder it should probably be called "Train as Good" or "Keep as Good".

[Kenny Pitt]
> Locally, I've renamed mine simply "Spam" and "Not Spam".  This also has
> the nice side-effect of making the toolbar shorter.

I don't see how naming the Unsure folder "Not Spam" solves the problem.
Since none of these messages in your "Not Spam" folder were ever classified
as spam, "Recover from Spam" still is confusing.  I don't see how renaming
the button when in the Unsure folder would make the toolbar any longer.
There would be still be two buttons:  "Delete as Spam" and "Keep as Good"
(or whatever else you want to call it).

Seth Goodman

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