[Spambayes] Another bug? Outlook 2000 win2k

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sat Feb 15 00:50:23 EST 2003

> "Read once - preserve status" would be good! If I've read it
> once, it was
> either "spam maybe" or got past spammie. Once (re)classified
> as spam, it's a
> PITA to have to go and mark it as read again. OTOH, if spammie puts it
> directly into the spam folder, then I might want to read it
> to verify that
> it really is spam. It's also true that if you "unread" a msg
> when you put it
> into spam, it's hard to tell those from the "never reads"
> that spammie put
> there itself.

I'm afraid I am still not sure specifically what you are suggesting we
should change.


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