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Wed Feb 19 22:08:49 EST 2003

2/19/2003 7:23:04 PM, Anthony Baxter <anthony at interlink.com.au> wrote:

>>>> Barry A. Warsaw wrote
>> Thus, it was designed with an eye toward the use of application
>> specific parsers, and it may well be that the default parsers (both
>> the strict and the lax parsers) may not be appropriate for an
>> application that tends to see intentionally ill-formed messages.  My
>> suggestion would be to write a parser that can handle the really bad
>> messages, then use the default lax parser for most things, and fall
>> back to the "adaptive parser" for the really horrendous messages.
>Note also, though, that the email package's parser has two modes:
>strict adherence to to specs, and a more slack mode (which I'm
>largely responsible for).

I guess we now know to whom to assign the email parser bugs we identify <wink>

> There are very few cases I know of that
>break the current non-strict mode -- the only one that comes to
>mind is MS Entourage generating nested multiparts with each part
>using the same boundary tag. 

How do you specify strict vs non-strict mode?

>Rather than saying "let's write a new parser" I'd say instead try
>to figure out why a particular message is failing, and see what
>can be done to fix the existing non-strict mode Parser.

Fair enough, I suppose.

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