[Spambayes] SpamBayes for Windows 98'

Tony Poyorena poyorena at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 9 00:41:15 EDT 2003

Dear Sirs,
I read the articles in the March issue of Linux Journal. I have just updated
Python to the 2.2.3 version, I downloaded the bsddb3 module, but now I am
having trouble finding the "installer" to download. I have read through the
documents several times, but I still don't understand exactly how to do it?.
Also I was wondering after the Spambayes program is installed, when the
program is filtering e-mails, how do you stop it from opening attachments?.
>From what I have read it searches the e-mails for "tokens" (words) does
Spambayes automatically open attachments?. Also I have multiple e-mail
accounts (3) in Outlook Express, will that be ok?. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. My Linux Box will be done soon!, but I am very interested in
using Spambayes for that system.

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