[Spambayes] Keeping Spam from causing email notification

Paul Matteson PMatteson at dne.com
Thu Jun 19 10:45:34 EDT 2003


While my users love your product, they did not like getting a notification
every time there was a spam message.  They only wanted notifications that
new mail that was actually intended for them had arrived.  I had seen the
FAQ 3.4 on your site about marking spam as read and thought this may be what
the person asking the question was trying to do.

I'm not sure if I'm sending this suggestion to the right place, but we've
found that by creating the Spam folder under the Deleted Items folder in
Outlook, we were able to keep the email notification from triggering.   This
isn't the optimal solution because if you forget the folder is there and
choose to empty the trash, you will wipe out the spam folder.  It just takes
a little retraining to remember to select the items in the Deleted Items
folder manually and delete them rather than using the empty trash procedure.

Thank you for an excellent product.

Paul Matteson

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