[Spambayes] Imapfilter never-ending appending headers

Alon arohter at nolar.com
Mon Sep 8 02:09:33 EDT 2003

Ya, I should have mentioned I changed my .ini file a bit:

The messageinfo db referenced in the ini definitely is not being touched 
for some reason.  It never changes from it's default first creation.
I can switch back to using 1.0a4 just fine, but as soon as I start using 
a5, it no longer touches messageinfo.db.

I'm going to test using Python 2.3, on the off chance it fixes things.


> [original post]
>> messageinfo_storage_file:/var/spambayes/main.messageinfo.db
> [later]
>> Hmmm...checking my /var/spambayes/arohter.messageinfo.db
>> stats, it doesn't look like it's being updated...the timestamp
>> never changes (and file size stays at only 12,288 bytes), even
>> after several classification and training runs (with new mail).
> The -i4 information looks like it's finding the messages ok, which leads
> me to suspect the messageinfo db.  Your two messages have different
> names for this file - does the file&path in your .ini match the file
> that you're looking at?  If this isn't being updated, then that is the
> problem - spambayes thinks that it hasn't seen the message before and so
> adds the information to it.
> There are only three reasons I can think of offhand why the file
> wouldn't be updated:
>   1. you don't have a suitable dbm module available - 1.0a4 let people
> use dumbdbm, but 1.0a5 doesn't, so you need bsddb, gdbm or something
> like that.
>   2. you have a suitable dbm module, but the existing dbm module is
> dumbdbm
>   3. spambayes can't find the file
> However, there are flaws with all three of these.  #1 should print out
> an error explaining what the problem is.  #2 should crash and die with
> some sort of traceback.  With #3, spambayes should just create the new
> file and then keep using it, unless it gets deleted between sessions.
> Anyway, knowing that the messageinfo db referenced in the ini definitely
> isn't being touched would be a good start.
> =Tony Meyer

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