[Spambayes] I think that I have found a bug in SpamBayes

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Sep 12 12:37:13 EDT 2003

[Peter Harrison]
> I find routinely when I logon in the morning that 80% or so of my
> mail is not rated by SB: The spam score field is blank.  I just close
> outlook, then re-open it, and everything gets processed fine.  It
> seems that now that I have cable modem, either Outlook, SB, or both
> is too busy to do what I want initially, but once the unread mail is
> loaded, SB scores it easily.

The current CVS version of the Outlook addin (and sorry, I don't know
whether that's been released yet) has an "enable background filtering"
checkbox on the Advanced tab of the SpamBayes manager.  I checked that, set
"Processing start delay" to 2 seconds and "Delay between processing items"
to 0.25 seconds, and now the addin doesn't appear to be missing anything
when a large number of emails come zooming in (I often get hundreds at a
time then).  More importantly to me (I didn't really mind shutting down
Outlook and reopening it before) is that I can again "do something" with
Outlook while the email is coming in:  before, some Outlook thread or other
wasn't even getting enough cycles to update the display, and Outlook was
totally unresponsive until all the new messages had arrived.

So you should play with this when it's available (which it already may be).
I think the *real* reason these options were added was to make it much more
likely that Outlook runs its own rules on new messages before it tells
SpamBayes about new messages (there was no rhyme or reason to it before, as
we've got no influence over when Outlook decides to tell spambayes
anything -- what we can do is control when we *do* something with them).

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