[Spambayes] Cannot enable Spambayes

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Sep 16 17:31:15 EDT 2003

Please see the "troubleshooting guide" (installed, but online at
s/Outlook2000/docs/troubleshooting.html)  This will have information how to
locate the log file, so we can better guess your problem.

Also please make sure you are using version 008 of the plugin.


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> Great idea guys, but I cannot enable the Outlook plugin after
> installing it.
> I'm running Win2K Server and Outlook 2000. Spambayes installs
> OK, I went
> through the training session and trained hundreds of spam and
> good messages,
> have defined a watch and unsure folder, set the filtering
> options to move
> certain and suspected spam to these folders, checked the
> "Enable Spambayes"
> box in the General tab, and closed it. But no messages are
> ever moved to the
> spam folder.
> Opening the SpamBayes Manager again shows the Enable button is still
> unchecked. I can check it again but closing the dialog, or
> even switching to
> a different tab and back, will uncheck it. I created a Spam
> view column as
> suggested and it does show a high percent for spam, it just
> never moves it
> to my defined spam folder. Even 100% spam stays in my Inbox.
> If I run "Filter Now" on my Inbox and select "Perform all
> filter actions" it
> will move it to the spam folder, but I want it to do this
> automatically with
> mail as it arrives.
> Richard Hough
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