[Spambayes] Spambayes not performing as expected

Douglas Steinschneider dsteins at optonline.net
Fri Sep 19 10:58:45 EDT 2003

I was successfully identifying 95% of spam with K9 and was setting it up
for friends. I decided to try Spambayes because it appeared to be easier
for the less knowledgeable users to control. I presented it with a
folder filled with 2000 spam messages and about 600 good messages. This
is the same mail that K9 was able to perform at 95% with only 1 false
positive in the last 4 months.
I receive about 15 non-spam emails a day and about 60 spam emails. I am
now averaging 10 that are rated 0% but are obvious spam and 20 that are
suspected spam. Spambayes is correctly rating the remaining 30 as spam.
I know people are having better results. I checked to make sure that I
didn't mistakenly include a folder of spam in my nonspam folders chosen
for the training. My good emails are mostly correspondence with several
list type mail such as this list and Langalist, Lockergnome, SQL Server
Central and SSWUG (SQL Server Worldwide Users Group). There are also
emails from purchases made etc.

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