[Spambayes] Messages fail to filter

Peter Strisik lists at strisik.com
Mon Sep 22 15:45:25 EDT 2003


I will experiment with the processing delay vs. filtering or not after I
accumulate more spam to train on.

Thanks for clarifying about the headers.  I can put that one to rest.  

I already have the Spam column defined and showing.


On Monday, September 22, 2003 11:32 AM, Ryan Malayter
<mailto:rmalayter at bai.org> wrote, 
at least in part:

> From: Peter Strisik [mailto:lists at strisik.com]
>> New to Spambayes (Outlook plugin .81) myself.
>> I found that my messages didn't filter automatically
>> until I _deselected_ the processing delay.
> I cannot repeat that behavior on either of my systems, both of which
> run Windows XP SP1 and Outlook XP SP2 (plus all security patches).
> The delay processing option seems to work just fine.  
>> Also, I notice that there is nothing in message
>> headers that reflects Spambayes activity even
>> though messages are being scored and filtered!
> This is by design. The Outlook plug-in creates a new Outlook message
> field called "Spam", formatted as a percentage. It adds nothing to
> the header.  
> There are instructions for adding the spam field to your Outlook
> views in the Spambayes FAQ. 

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