[Spambayes] Illogicality in the Web UI?

Robert Neuschul robert at imagine.co.uk
Sat Jul 31 16:06:26 CEST 2004

Hi folks

Using the web interface to review messages there's a slightly 
irritating illogicality.

Go to the Review messages page in the web UI and work your way through 
a couple of hundred emails, checking the current classications. As you 
get to the end of the list of emails there's one item which seems to be 
wrong: so you decide to check the clues. All seems well, so you return 
to the Review page - and find that the web interface has thrown away 
all your carefully classified selections and reverted to where you 
first started classifying.

Whilst it's not a show stopping event, it's extremely irritating, and 
slows down the process.

ISTM that either the link to the "Clue" page should open it in a new 
window, so that closing it won't affect the main Review page, or that 
when clicking the Clue page link, the current status of the Review page 
should be cached and restored when one has finished examining clues.


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