[Tracker-discuss] Trackers for other Python-based projects

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Nov 1 17:04:33 CET 2006

I don't want to try running before crawling, but it occurred to me the other
day that given the huge amount of time and effort it's taken so far for the
core Python gang to migrate from SF to *any* other tracker, it might be
worthwhile to offer bug trackers for other Python-based open-source projects
once things have stabilized.  I realize there are a number of issues which
need to be taken care of:

    * The folks hosting the Python bug tracker and the maintainers here
      would of course have to agree to the extra resource consumption.

    * It would only work if the current crop of maintainers isn't
      overloaded.  To alleviate this, I think any other hosted project
      tracker would have to "donate" someone (more likely some part of
      someone) to the cause.

    * Migration from other trackers would be needed (I gather Fredrik Lundh
      has already done most of the work for SF-hosted projects).  I'd
      specify the input format and let the other projects take care of
      getting their current tracker's data into that format.

On the plus side, it might attract more people into core Python development

Martin v. Löwis didn't seem to think that it would be a big deal from a
technical standpoint.  Of course, the maintainers here will ultimately be
the judge of that.


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