[Tracker-discuss] Getting Started

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 1 19:50:08 CET 2006

Paul Dubois wrote:
> I am *not* suggesting starting over. I am suggesting:
> a. Check in the classic template from the roundup version you started with.
> b. Branch it to 'ours'.
> c. Check out all of ours, untar the prototype on top of it, and check it
> in.
> d. Deploy the prototype.
> When a new roundup is released, check the template portion in on top of (a)
> and push changes to 'ours'. During resolution of these changes you can of
> course decide you don't want them but at least you know what they are.

OK, fine.

> I don't think it has been a 'long time' since the classic template got
> changed. I think it happens in almost every release.

True. I was talking about changes that were required to adjust to a backward
incompatible change in the runtime. Sorry if that wasn't clear.



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