[Tutor] Job posting at LucasArts

Shey Crompton Shey@argonaut.com
Thu Jun 26 14:33:02 2003

There are a few games companies that have started using Python. Some use it
for relatively small scripts, others are using it as a main part of the game

If I recall correctly using Python in games was a lecture at the Game
Developer's Conference a couple of years ago. If I find the article, I will
place a link to it here.



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Just looking at the job boards at LucasArts and came across this:


It's interesting here because they specifically mention Python in the
qualifications. Well that and the fact that working for any of George
Lucas's companies would be just plain cool!

Heck, they've even got an opening for a pastry chef at Skywalker Ranch (mmm,


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