[Tutor] Logging with different formats

Crabtree, Chad Chad.Crabtree at nationalcity.com
Thu May 6 12:59:57 EDT 2004

> If you have some time...I am digging myself a deep hole and I 
> can't seam to
> climb out.  I have tried to modify my old log script that 
> used a class with
> different functions that just printed statements to standard 
> out.  Standard
> out was directed to file.  When I try to use logging.py I 
> either loose most
> of the functionality or can't make it work.  I have attached my latest
> failure.  Any ideas.  I need to have different formats for 
> different events
> but I want to keep the .info .error  etc of  logging.py.
I've carefully looked over your code.  But I still don't know what you are
trying to do and how it's failing.  Would you post a traceback or something.
I just don't know what's going wrong for you.  I'm not sure but I think
perhaps you should just roll your own.  It wouldn't be that hard and you
wouldn't have to spend time learning the logging api.   

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