[Tutor] CGKit

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Wed Oct 4 11:48:16 CEST 2006

Carlos wrote:
> Thanks Luke and Kent,
> To get CGKit running I need to do two different things:
> First the Python Computer Graphics Kit is composed by an 
> "cgkit-2.0.0alpha6.win32-py2.4.exe" file and some dependencies that are 
> PyProtocols, numarray, PyOpenGL, PIL, pygame, PyODE and pySerial, with 
> the exception of PyProtocols I have installed all of them. When I try to 
> install PyProtocols from the command prompt it tells me that " The .NET 
> Framework SDK needs to be installed before building extensions for 
> Python." I went to Microsoft and installed the "Microsoft .NET Framework 
> SDK v2.0", but the problem persists.
> The second part is the Python Maya Plug-In. I think that this is the 
> tricky one, it is asking me to install Py++, that I have already 
> installed. Now my problem comes when I have to compile the source code 
> with Boost.Python, this one asks for Boost Jam and Boost. I have been 
> trying to install this things but still have no clue at how.

Use the compiled plug-in. This page:
says to copy sourcepy.mll to the Maya plug-in directory.

Python extensions for Windows are usually distributed as binaries 
because so many people do not have the resources and knowledge to 
compile them. I don't see anything in the Maya plugin docs to indicate 
that you have to build it from source.


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