[Tutor] httpd in your laptop?!? serve web pages and wikis in your notebook?

Kirk Bailey deliberatus at verizon.net
Wed Feb 28 05:25:42 CET 2007

ok, I realized  SOME TIME BACK that to run MANY THINGS in your windows 
computer you need a server in there- and a nice SMALL one if it is going 
to coexist with everything else going on. I found one in python, and 
posted it, and it caused a stirr. Well, I found a LISTING of them, and 
tried all the more promising ones. here is that page:

In breif, they are:
xitami - fast, powerful, and the basic version is free.
Omnihttpd - looks good, very configurable, maqny features.
Sambar - many features, more thsan just httpd by a long shot.
Savant - SECURE? in my laptop? well, so it says. MAny other features.
MiniPortal - includes apache and ftp and a web baised control panel.
               possibly this is overkill?
BadBlue - it talks a good fight, but I found it's setup and installation
           confuising. possibly a criticism of it's documentaion, or
           maybe a lack of coffee on my part. give it a look.
Viking - another does everthing server. this includes dns and web mail
          and hosting lists and... jeez louise, will it wask my car?
INframail - from the site: "...Inframail is a combination
             mail/web/ftp/news/gopher server, available in different
             versions with varying capabilities, all of them
             inexpensive." Not free, but cheap.
SompleServerWWW - trivally easy to install. but not easy to bend to my
                   will. I have to reorganise mu directory tree to suit
                   it, as I could not conviently discover a way to tell
                   it where my webpages live.  Maybe studying the manual
                   at length will reveal this, but it is not obvious. Is
                   this a criticism of myself, the program, or the docs?
Serving - not to be found on host site. ???
Falcon- limited, but good if it's limitations do now hamper your
         needed application. it concerned me, so I gave it a miss.
TinyWeb - Ignoring the name thing, it is pretty simple to use, is
           configured witrh command line arguements (old BBS sysop that
           I am, this is nothing new) and the impact on my laptop was-
           none. as in less than 1% cpu usage, memory requirements that
           sound like the guts of my digital watch. And it works. it
           hosts scripts, invokes python, hands off environment
           variables, works with the directory tree the way I set it up,
           and is very sparing with my resources. and it's free. This one
           is a definate looker, check it out and see if it suits your
           needs. A GUI front end is available if you want it. Both are
MacHttp - beats me, I do intel/pc stuff. No opinion.
RobinHood - did not evalulate.
Smallhttps -  VERY good, many features, powerful, web management and
               configuration. $25.free version limits how many
               simultanious connections to 3, and only licenses for 21
               days. Russian author is not ideal for documenting the work
               for english reading eyes, but I managed. It's VERY good,
               and my second choice for my personal server.

So there it is, click to read the page and go from there and see if 
something suits ytour needs and wallet. For now tiny is serving my needs 
with complete satisfaction. I may write a tiddlywiki manual for it as a 
donation to support the project.

	-Kirk Bailey
          | BOX |


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