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First off, yes, I was referring to (I guess you could say) a non-python editor.  I use an SSH editor set up by my school.  If I type python at the prompt in SSH, I get the Python shell.  My problem is, I can't open a GUI no matter what I subscribe to or purchase.  I have Python 2.3 and yes, I can access the commandline, but that does not work the way it's been described to work.

If this still doesn't make any sense, just ignore me...


>>Not quite what we were discussing, but I think you may have given just 
enough clues that i can be of some help. Just for reference ~ which editor 
are you using?

IDLE is both an editor and a python shell or interpreter. It is not the same 
thing as typing python.exe wherever you might be typing it.

Typing Python into an editor should put the word "Python" into your 
currently open file. I don't believe that this is what you mean. Perhaps you 
are confusing what exactly is an editor?

You use Windows you've mentioned before. So here's what you can do. Start -> 
Programs -> Python 2.5 -> Python (commandline)

This is the python interpreter. As you might already know.

And then this.
Start -> Programs -> Python 2.5 -> IDLE (Python GUI)

This is IDLE. As you probably know.

Two windows should come up when you click IDLE. One is an editor. The other 
is the python shell, or interpreter. You can open .py files in IDLE by right 
clicking and selecting "Edit with IDLE". At any time that you wish to run a 
program that is open in the editor half of IDLE, hit F5 and the Python shell 
half of IDLE comes to the top and runs the program.

If doing all that doesn't do what I expect it to do, or you have something 
else in mind, reply back. If it does, then great!

Oh. And tell me which editor you are using which magically opens a python 
interpreter when you type Python into it. ;-)


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