[Tutor] Pyhon Mac/Pc

Ricardo Aráoz ricaraoz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 03:39:47 CET 2008

Kent Johnson wrote:
> Hendrik Verlinden wrote:
>> Yes I'm using the files from this link  
>> http://relro.net/racer/dofexport.html :) 
>> <http://relro.net/racer/dofexport.html>
>> Do you now what the problem is with these files on a mac?
>> Otherwise how do I have to change the carriage return or line feed?
> Looking at the files, they seem to be in a binary format so my guess 
> about line endings is probably not correct.
> The DOFfile module does seem to take pains to write integers in 
> little-endian format but does not do the same for floats. You could try 
> adding '<' to the beginning of the format specifiers for floats, for 
> example in writeFloat() change 'f' to '<f' and so forth.
> Beyond that, I suggest you contact the author of the module for help, 
> his email is in the readme.
> This list is primarily for helping people who want to learn Python, not 
> people having trouble with someone else's Python program, so I am not 
> going to dig too far into this.
> HTH,
> Kent
> PS Please use Reply All to keep the discussion on the list.

Are you reading/writing the files in binary mode?

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