[Tutor] Which non SQL Database ?

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Am 04.12.2010 23:42, schrieb Jorge Biquez:
> Hello all.
> Newbie question. Sorry.
> As part of my process to learn python I am working on two personal
> applications. Both will do it fine with a simple structure of data
> stored in files. I now there are lot of databases around I can use but I
> would like to know yoor advice on what other options you would consider
> for the job (it is training so no pressure on performance). One
> application will run as a desktop one,under Windows, Linux, Macintosh,
> being able to update data, not much, not complex, not many records. The
> second application, running behind web pages, will do the same, I mean,
> process simple data, updating showing data. not much info, not complex.
> As an excersice it is more than enough I guess and will let me learn
> what I need for now.
> Talking with a friend about what he will do (he use C only) he suggest
> to take a look on dBase format file since it is a stable format, fast
> and the index structure will be fine or maybe go with BD (Berkley)
> database file format (I hope I understood this one correctly) . Plain
> files it is not an option since I would like to have option to do rapid
> searches.
> What would do you suggest to take a look? If possible available under
> the 3 plattforms.
As a non SQL Database I can recommend MongoDB. It's a document store, 
which uses binary json as format. You can create secondary indexes and 
also perform more sophisticated queris.
The main advantage from my point of view is the ease of use. 
Installation was a breeze and it has an easy to use python driver. Note 
that you need a 64-bit OS to use it with bigger data volumes (I remember 
 > 3 GB, but it's all on their website).

> Thanks in advance for your comments.
> Jorge Biquez
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