[XML-SIG] saxlib status report

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
18 Jun 1998 00:24:27 +0200

Since there were no complaints on the SAX extensions I've now started
implementing and testing them. I've written a formal specification,
which is available at


(This is a newly installed Linux box where Apache has been running for
about 4 hours now. Please notify me if there are any problems with
accessing it.)

Comments on this are very welcome. If there are none I'll release a
SAX 1.0gamma once the *mllib-like interface has been implemented. I
expect this to be on Monday, provided I am not eaten by bears or
ghosts during the weekend.

I've hacked a very simple SAX test system much like what has been
discussed here lately and discovered that none of the XML parsers
except xmlproc (and possibly Pyexpat, haven't been able to test it
yet) normalize line breaks as they are supposed to do. (All &#13;&#10;
sequences in input are to be passed on to the applications as &#10;.)

Accounting for some known bugs in the parsers, the SAX drivers now
pass this test system. Is the test code of interest?

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