[XML-SIG] SAX for 1.6

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@garshol.priv.no
16 Apr 2000 11:19:17 +0200

* Paul Prescod
| My opinion is that a simple SAX 2 API would have a 90% chance of being
| in-line with the final SAX 2 because AFAIK, it hasn't been changing very
| much for the last six months. It's just a matter of finishing touches.
| Officially it is in "beta" so major changes would be surprising.

This is more or less the same response I got from David Megginson.
Also, the most controversial parts (DTD declarations and lexical
events) have been moved out into an extension package.

So I would say that we should put the core SAX2 stuff in the Python
1.6 distribution, and then put the extension stuff with more drivers
in the XML-SIG package.

--Lars M.