[XML-SIG] how to get xml parse with non ascii charset

M.-A. Lemburg mal at lemburg.com
Mon Jun 30 18:51:46 EDT 2003

Tim Diggins wrote:
> I thought it was worth trying to reply to this email, but I don't have the
> knowledge (quite).
> The problem (as I understand it) is that the version of python/pyxml doesn't
> contain the gb2312 encoding.
> The error that results is:
>   LookupError: unknown encoding: gb2312
> I had trouble finding a list of supported codecs (although the list of
> modules in Lib/encodings is helpful.
> I similarly couldn't find any information about when or if gb2312 (euc-cn)
> will be supported on python. Maybe someone on the list involved with
> python-codecs or just more knowledgable than me can give a useful answer.

You need to download and install the CJKCodec package I mentioned
in an earlier mail on this list:


For more info:


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